At Remax Spain we stand out as the best choice to sell or buy properties

Thank you to our consumers!

Be elected consecutively, for 6 years, as the best option to sell or buy a property in our country, is the most pleasant news we received starting this year. This designation, carried out by end consumers for some time in Spain, has classified us in the first position of this important ranking. Knowing that our clients value us in this way makes us feel happy and satisfied; We are on the right track in the service we provide, a joint effort of our agents.

La “Consumer Choice” It is one of the most valued designations for those who receive it, since, the end customer is the one who speaks and expresses his opinion about the products and services you receive. Both our offices and our agents allocate resources and efforts to achieve customer satisfaction, especially if it is about such an important transaction in life, such as selling or buying a property.

This evaluation system rates brands based on satisfaction and acceptance that they generate among their consumers; This means that it is measured the degree of satisfaction and acceptability that consumers have regarding a product or service, that helps them obtain optimal service or make a purchase.

How did we do in the evaluation of our clients?

Remax Spain stood out with a final rating of 71,74% (mean was 60,88%) obtained after analyzing 10 attributes that the consumer considers important and essential in the services you receive from a real estate agency. Thus, among the most outstanding features are at the beginning of the list the varied portfolio of properties offered, the solvency of the company and the honest work of the agent during the sale and purchase operation; In that order, these three attributes are at the top of the consumer rating they have received at Remax offices.

The advice, during the buying and selling process, and the professionalism of the agents they rank fourth and fifth, respectively, in level of importance to our customers. Here is represented the satisfaction they receive, one of our highest goals.

Sixthly, there is knowing how to listen and adapt to customer needs; while the seventh position corresponds to the respect, in space and time, for decision-making that is given to the buyer-seller.

Last but not least, facilitate the bureaucratic process by our agents, who are fully in charge of it, occupies the eighth position along with the security that the client feels during the process. Closing the ranking of essential characteristics, it is the guarantee offered by Remax agents and offices.

The set of these attributes qualified, satisfactorily, by our clients It shows us that we are doing a good job, that we are maintaining our position and we are a safe bet for those who decide to buy or sell their property with Remax

We want to thank each and every one of our clients for their comments, evaluations, recommendations, support and trust that we have received., not just during the year just ended, but over time, which has kept us the best in our category for the past six years.

We intend to continue and improve so that our service is optimal, the satisfaction of our customers is our reward.

If you are interested in buying or selling, consult our advisers; in Remax Estrella we guarantee your success.

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