what we do for you

Real estate agents will facilitate your transactions between the parties involved in a property. Our experts will offer you all the services available so that it is not a problem to sell, buy or rent your property.
Throughout the process we will keep you informed of everything; Reports of online and face-to-face visits, requests for information, feedback from potential buyers, regular meetings to analyze results and possible changes in the strategy.

We will deal with the documentation: Management of the simple note in the Property Registry; Obtaining the Certificate of the cadastre and the IBI, we manage the offers, the signs, the contracts and we will accompany you to the Notary.
We will also dedicate time to the buyer accompanying him on the visit, we will carry out detailed follow-ups, we will help to obtain financing and we will deal with the change of ownership of supplies. We commit to everything in writing!

Professional photo report
We use a photographer to take professional photos of properties, with professional equipment and edited before being published
360º video virtual visit
We produce a virtual visit for your property. Many buyers like to look at the property on a Sunday afternoon from their sofa. This means that they can look around your house at their leisure, 24 hours a day without being disturbed.
Photos and videos with drones
We use drones to capture photos and videos of your property from angles you have never seen before. These help show off the land and house to potential buyers and make your property stand out.
Comparative market analysis (ACM)
It allows to establish the sale or rental price and thereby offer the owner an opinion of value
virtual staging
We will be able to use 3D home decoration software that uses the measurements of the room to generate renders, with perfectly staggered furniture, paint colors and totally on-trend decor. This way, buyers will have an idea of ​​what the house would look like with the new renovations and will be able to have an exact cost of the work needed.
Home staging
We prepare your house for sale, with the aim of attracting a greater number of buyers, increasing the chances of selling quickly and for a higher price.

Why sign exclusively with us?

Customer Filter

We have more time to filter the right customers. We will always make sure they are ready to buy, interested in your property and in a position to buy now.

Safer for buyers

Buyers prefer to buy from agents who are up to date with rules and regulations. We are all regularly trained and updated, and if we don't know the answer, we can ask our in-house lawyer.

a single interlocutor

You will always speak with your agent, they manage the entire sales process and know your situation and property in detail.

We invest in your property

More time and resources dedicated to making your property stand out from the rest of the market. A personalized marketing plan, designed for your property.

insurance for owners

We qualify EVERY client who requests a visit, we take some form of identification from them and they must sign a visit sheet. It is their house that they are going to enter, we have to take care of you.

motivated agents

We work with much smaller properties, we have much more motivation to sell your property. We can market your property much more.

Only price

We share your property with all our collaborating agencies, we share a price, the price of your property, your property will never compete against itself in the market.

For sale with more agents

We work with over 1000 agents in Spain and over 130000 RE/MAX agents internationally, we actually share your property with many more agents than if you were to list your property with a traditional agency.
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