What we should know about financing a home

If we have made the decision to buy a home, probably guided more by our tastes and dreams, we will be more or less clear about the type of property we want or the area where we would like to live.

However, this decision cannot be taken lightly, it is a fairly large investment of money and buying a home always involves a long-term commitment, so you have to analyze many aspects and be well informed before choosing. .

From Remax Estrella We tell you what we should know regarding the financing of said home, so that we can make the decision with a totally calm mind.

When buying a home, it is essential to first analyze our budget and ask about the financing possibilities that we could have if we needed it.

To apply for a mortgage:  we have to check if we meet all the necessary requirements to be able to apply for a mortgage.

To do this, we have to go to a bank and provide all the documentation that they request and that serves to verify that we can afford the mortgage payments. At this point, it is important to bear in mind that most banking entities only grant up to 80% of the appraisal value or the purchase value, so we have to count on that 20% that they will not finance us.

The expenses of a home: the expenses of a home not only include the purchase price, but also the 20% that we have mentioned that the bank will not grant us, plus between 10% and 12% of all the expenses that are included in the procedures and procedures to buy the house. In addition, the corresponding taxes are included, which will be different, depending on the type of property that we are going to buy: new home or second-hand home.

If we decide to buy a property through a real estate agency, we have specialized advice from the beginning, since the real estate agents will be in charge of detecting all our needs in order to help us make the best decision and, in addition, they will answer any questions that we may have. have during the process. Trust professionals and they will help you make the best decision.

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