Activities to do in Murcia during Christmas

This Christmas 2022 comes loaded with activities to do in Murcia, both with the family, with the little ones in the house, as well as in groups of young people and friends. The activities, which are already available, They will be until January 8, for the enjoyment of adults and children.

In the Fica Enclosure there is “The Magical Kingdom of Murcia”, a whole staging of multiple activities, markets, attractions and an ice rink. One of the recommended activities in this space is the "Snow Slide" of 50 meters, in addition to the ice rink, much larger than last year, where you can enjoy musicals such as "The Snow Queen" and "The Walt Disney Stories".

The musical show "La Reina de las Nieves" is scheduled for December 15 at 19:00 p.m., presented by Mireya Montavez, a contestant on the ninth edition of the television program Operación Triunfo. This is a free adaptation of the famous tale by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, and a source of inspiration for the entertainment giant Disney with its famous Frozen franchise.

Another of the stellar presentations, of the Christmas programming in "The Magic Kingdom of Murcia", is the musical “The Walt Disney Stories”, which will be next December 23 at 19:00 p.m., with free entry.

In addition to the two musicals already mentioned, other works that can be enjoyed will be the following:

  • On December 8 and 17, "The Drilo Gang" 18:00 h
  • On December 21, "Journey, Journey" 18:00 h
  • On December 28, "My gift of Kings" 18:00 h
  • On December 29, “Dance School Festival” 18:00 h
  • On January 2 the work "The little house of chocolate" 18:00 h
  • On January 3 the show “A charming house” 18:00 h
  • January 4, magic afternoon, 18:00 p.m.

The "Magic Kingdom of Murcia" will be open to the public every day until January 8, 2023. Its operating hours range from 16:30 p.m. to midnight. On the closing day there will be a 50% discount on all attractions. Right now, the maximum price is 5 euros per trip.

The theme park has more than 30 attractions for all ages, such as Extreme, Iron Man, Heroes, Pirate Ship, Crazy Horses, Scorpion, Bumper Cars, Xman Cage, La Oya, El Pulpo, Telecombate, children's games and the large ice skating rink of 40 x 20 square meters.

Moreover, The Murcian town hall will distribute one hundred thousand 2×1 tickets among vulnerable families and environmental volunteers, which you can enjoy from Monday to Thursday from 18:00 p.m. Also, there is a day dedicated to Murcian children with ASD and the usual delivery of gifts to the most vulnerable children.

The free parking area is located parallel to the Segura river with more than 700 seats, so that both Murcians and tourists can travel by car calmly.

Other youth spaces for Christmas programs in Murcia

Apart from the programming already mentioned in the "Magic Kingdom of Murcia", there will be other spaces and activities of all kinds to celebrate Christmas, here are the main ones:

Youth Space 585

  • Thursday December 22, 19:00 p.m., Christmas party. Young crew from Santa Lucía (San Ginés, Murcia). Traditional music and tasting of Christmas sweets. Eagle song.
  • Wednesday, December 28, from 11:00 a.m. to 13:00 p.m., children's workshop. Popular Murcian Christmas festivities.
  • Wednesday, December 28, from 17:00 a.m. to 19:00 p.m., Master Class Murcian Traditional Dance. Dance class with jotas, malagueñas and parrandas.
  • Thursday, December 29, from 11:30 a.m. to 13:30 p.m., family workshop. Murcian carol workshop.

The activities in the districts and other spaces can be consulted at this link.

We hope this guide helps you schedule and enjoy the Christmas season in Murcia. Remax Estrella always by your side.

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