The build to rent the new fashion investment in the rental market

The rise of the market rental It is something that very few dare to discuss. This increase in demand, in most cases, is perhaps due more to an obligation than to a choice of the citizens. Since the vast majority of young people who want to leave the family home and become independent do not have sufficient resources to purchase a home in your property and they have no choice but to settle for renting.

Another phenomenon that has influenced this problem is the flight of workers to large cities and provincial capitals, where it is more difficult for them to access the purchase of a home, due to the high prices. These factors have caused a Increased demand of flats for rent much higher than the available offer. Turning the search process into something very complex, competitive and with increasingly higher prices.

In this socioeconomic context, renting has become a preference for discarding. The increases in interest rates complicate access to home ownership, as well as the promotion by the authorities in some large cities such as Madrid. City that has launched the Live Plan to increase the supply of rental housing, which has led many promoters to see a business opportunity in the build to rent (build to rent).

A reflection of this is that, in 2021, the construction of real estate destined for this purpose represented more than 1.000 million euros in transactions, according to the CBRE consultant.

For many tenants, these houses are very attractive, since they are usually of new construction and they have a series of additional services, such as common areas, terrace, gyms, etc. that private landlords do not usually offer.

Therefore, these homes represent an important competition for small landlords, which now occupy a share of more than 90% in the residential rental.

Likewise, our country is very attractive for foreign investors in the sector, since the housing deficit for rent is much greater than that of other European countries. If you are looking for a home and want to be well informed about everything, in Remax Estrella We will be happy to help you with everything you need.

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