energy efficient houses

For some time now, people who are considering buying a home have been increasingly aware that the future lies in betting on energy efficiency, with the aim, not only of caring for the environment, but also of saving on energy costs. energy and therefore in bills.

En Remax Estrella We explain what an energy efficient house is, what its characteristics are and how you can improve the energy efficiency of your home.

What is an energy efficient house

An energy efficient house is one that takes advantage of all the resources within its reach within its own location (climate and energy) and that uses renewable energy sources to achieve a feeling of comfort, reducing energy demand.

They are homes that use designs, materials and construction techniques adapted to the climate and respecting the environment in which they are located to obtain optimal conditions in their rooms in terms of temperature, air quality and humidity.

Tips to improve energy efficiency in your home

If your home is already built, but you want to start betting on energy efficiency to save on bills, here are some tips you can do to improve energy efficiency:

  • Improve insulation. If it is an independent or single-family home, it is important to insulate the entire thermal envelope, paying special attention to the roof, as well as the facades. In any case, as we mentioned before, windows are one of the most important elements to improve insulation.
  • Bet on renewable energies. Once the insulation has been improved, it is best to look for the minimum consumption for air conditioning, using cheaper renewable energies, such as: the aerothermal or geothermal heat pump or biomass boilers.
  • Reduce electricity consumption. Using more efficient lamps with LED bulbs, as well as efficient appliances. It is not only about making changes in the home but about making changes in our own habits, with the aim of consuming as little as possible.

Currently, all new homes being built are highly energy efficient, however certain changes need to be made to improve the energy efficiency of existing homes.

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