Why choose to sell with us?

En RE/MAX ESTRELLA you will find only exclusives with the best possible service. We will help you throughout the sales process. You will have the best technical and human tools to achieve your goal.
Excellent photos, videos, 360º tours, we advertise on all portals, both national and international, including premium ones, we guide sellers through the sales process from start to finish. In addition to all this, we offer home staging including renovations and buyers.

As you know, each property is individual just like its owners, that is why we study each property in detail and carry out a personalized marketing plan for each of the properties that we put up for sale. You will have more than 40 agents from our team working in the Region of Murcia, in addition, we collaborate with other agents from Spain and internationally. Our goal is for your property to be seen and shared by potential clients. We have a list of specific homes and we carry out an exhaustive follow-up, always keeping the owners informed.

Selling Steps

Price range

We carry out a market valuation that adjusts to reality and taking into account a rigorous market study of the area to compare the price of your home with recent sales in the area and with those that will compete.

marketing plan

Each property is different, so we prepare a personalized marketing plan for each of you. Your home is special and we treat it as such.


The documentation must be correct and in order, that's why we collect and verify said information. We don't want any scares!

we prepare the property

It will always be better to prepare the property before listing it for sale; We will advise you on paint colors, removal of surplus furniture, even major reforms.

share ownership

We want you to achieve the sale of your home, that is why we work with many collaborators within Murcia, Spain and internationally.

Qualify and identify all buyers

We study all clients before letting them enter your properties and thus ensure that they are in a position to buy said property.

Offers, negotiation and closing

All contracts will be written in two languages ​​so that everyone understands and we will manage all offers, negotiations and closings of the property; Finally, we communicate with him.


To organize the signature and we manage it personally.

Know the value of your home

We value your property for free and help you sell it in less time and in the best conditions

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