The dream pantry as an aspirational desire and the internet's obsession with this trend

In the times we are living in, where the houses of celebrities are the ones that dictate decoration trends, which become the aspiration, mainly, of the middle class, we find ourselves before one of the latest obsessions on the internet, pantries, that little storage space, whether it's a closet or a room attached to the kitchen, is the desire of many: perfectly decorated shelves full of all kinds of groceries and products, arranged in such a way that they give the feeling of being in a luxury boutique.

It is not surprising that, since the times of confinement that were lived in almost everywhere, The need to have a specific decoration and organization, in every little corner of the home, seized a good part of the population. Thanks to this, companies dedicated to this were born and many others diversified their services, to meet the demand.

It is enough to enter the main image platforms, put a few words in the search engine, to be bombarded with thousands of ideas for any space in the home, including pantries, the latter being the protagonists of a decoration magazine cover.

The organization and certain spaces in the house, such as a guest room or the aforementioned pantries, have become the "must have" that everyone aspires to have, but they are only within the reach of some, being a kind of status symbol, since, currently, most homes have reduced areas.

However, experts advise not to get carried away by Internet phenomena, who manipulate images at will and show an aspirational life, that is not adjusted to reality, thus leading to damage to mental health.

Given the situation, and the amount of time we remain exposed between the internet and social networks, we must be aware of what is possible and what constitutes an illusion, that is, work with what we have and can, so as not to saturate our mind. So if you have a small space and can organize it a certain way, go ahead. But, If it's not your thing, let it go.

Kitchens and everything related to them have gained strength in recent times, being this a vital space within the home, where we do much more than cook, significant moments are shared among the inhabitants of the home. Therefore, it is not surprising the course that the trend in question has taken.

We hope these tips will be useful for you. have clear ideas and organize your home in the best possible way. En Remax Estrella we are with you at all times.

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