The second quarter of 2022 reaches the results of 2008 with respect to the sale of registered homes

In Murcia, 20% of buyers were foreigners

According to the College of Registrars of Spain, the second quarter of 2022 ends with results similar to those achieved in 2008 with respect to registered home sales. In its Real Estate Registry Statistics for the second quarter of 2022, it analyzes, among others, the behavior that reflects the current trends of Spaniards in the purchase of homes through the proportion of flats compared to single-family homes, or purchases in capitals compared to their province. Below we tell you what the trends have been for this second quarter of 2022 according to the data collected by the College of Registrars.

First; the price of housing in Spain continues to rise both in its quarterly and year-on-year results. The €1.957/m² in the second quarter represent an increase of 2,4% compared to the previous quarter, caused mainly by the growth in used housing (3,4%), while new housing decreased slightly, 0,7 %.

By Autonomous Community, in the second quarter, the highest average prices were located in the Balearic Islands (€3.180/m2), Madrid (€3.169/m2), the Basque Country (€2.787/m2) and Catalonia (€2.427/m2). . In the opposite direction, the lowest prices were registered in Extremadura (€796/m2) and Castilla La Mancha (€830/m2), the only communities below €1.000 per m2.

Registered purchases

Between April and June, 163.909 home sales were registered in the property registries, with a slight decrease of 0,2% over the previous quarter.

In new housing, 27.879 sales were registered (a decrease of 13,7% over the previous quarter). Used housing registered 136.030 operations, with a quarterly increase of 3,1%.

The accumulated data for the last twelve months shows 626.345 registered home sales, the highest number since the third quarter of 2008, far exceeding the results prior to the health crisis, which showed just over 520.000 sales per year.

foreign purchases

With respect to the last ten years, foreign demand registers its maximum level. In the second quarter it has reached 14,7%, with which five consecutive quarters of growth are accumulated, exceeding the level of 13%, usual in recent years. The British lead the results again, with 9,8%, followed by Germans (9,1%), French (6,6%), Moroccans (4,9%), Belgians (4,9%) and Romanians (4,9%).

The Spanish regions in which a higher percentage of foreign buyers were registered in the second quarter of this year were similar to those of previous periods:

Balearic Islands 34,7%.
Canary Islands 34,2%.
Valencian Community 27,7%.
Region of Murcia 19,9%.
Andalusia 16,5%.
Catalonia 14%.

Flats and single-family homes

During the second quarter of the year, regarding the proportion of flats and single-family homes, housing sales have been disaggregated into 80,8% of collective housing (flats) and 19,2% of single-family homes (historical maximum of 22,5 .2020% in the fourth quarter of XNUMX).

Proportion of housing purchases in capitals compared to the total of their province

Taking into account the eight main capitals, in the second quarter of the year a certain balance has been observed since four of them have gained relative weight in relation to their province with respect to the results of the previous quarter and another four lost it. The historical evolution of the eight largest provincial capitals by number of inhabitants shows how in recent years the relative weight in housing sales has been reduced in most of them with respect to the total of their province. Taking, for example, the four large provincial capitals, Madrid registered a weight of 50,5% in the second quarter (in 2015 it exceeded 55% of the province's sales). In Barcelona, ​​the weight is 24,6% and in mid-2014 it reached 36,1% of sales in the province. Valencia showed a weight of 27,8% and at the end of 2016 it was at 37,3%. Finally, Seville registers 39,9% of home sales in the province, while at the end of 2016 it exceeded 50%.

If we compare the evolution of the second quarter with the same period of the previous year, an increase in the weight of the main capitals is observed, except in Malaga, Palma and Zaragoza.

Real estate professionals in Murcia

As real estate professionals who carry out our exercise in the Murcia We must emphasize that, as we have seen previously, the Region of Murcia occupies fourth place on the scale of the most attractive places for the foreign public when buying a home, since 20% of buyers during the second quarter were foreigners; British buyers occupying the first position.

In this way, it is essential that the person to whom you entrust the sale of your property has extensive knowledge in different languages ​​to be able to deal with the sale in the most effective way possible; since, otherwise, this can hardly be carried out.

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