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Housing Valuation

RE/MAX ESTRELLA helps you assess any property in the simplest and fastest way.

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    Trust RE / MAX

    In one of the most important operations of your life, the sale of a property, trusting RE / MAX is a guaranteed success.

    40 years in the sector, make RE / MAX, more than a brand; make RE / MAX a safe bet when carrying out this important operation.

    If you are thinking of selling your house, don’t wait any longer and get in touch with us.

    We can help you.


    The Best Agents At Your Service:

    RE/MAX has the most professional network of associate agents in the world. RE/MAX by RE/MAX University is the only university in the world that prepares real estate agents with constant courses aimed at increasing their training, capacity and knowledge of the sector with the sole purpose: to offer you (your clients) the best possible Service .


    Comprehensive Market Studies:

    with the objective of setting the sale price at the real market price.


    Custom Marketing Plan:

    A complete and personalized plan to ensure the correct commercialization of the property.


    Buyer Filter:

    We filter and rate all buyers based on their needs and purchasing possibilities. So you don’t waste time.


    Exclusive Work:

    RE / MAX agents only work with exclusively captured properties, which guarantees the best results and that the agent will constantly watch over and defend the interests of its clients and the property for sale.

    The Brand That SELLS

    We have the best and most prepared Associate Agents worldwide who are constantly taking courses aimed at increasing their training, capacity and knowledge of the sector in order: to offer their clients the best possible service.


    There is no greater proof of a job well done than that of a satisfied customer, and Spanish consumers rate us year after year, designating us as the highest rated real estate agency. This is the best guarantee of the quality of our services.

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