Do you want to decorate your house without spending too much? These ideas are perfect for you

If you have been wanting to renovate your home for some time or simply decide to start from scratch with a decoration that you have always dreamed of, it is worth taking into account some details when shaping what you have in mind and turning it into decoration. To transform your house into a real home, and not just a space to live in, there are small details that can help us.

These ideas are perfect for you, grab a pen and paper and get to work, your house will thank you.

Mat with recycled materials: Cork is a super absorbent natural material, which also dries quickly and retains heat well. It can be ideal for the bathroom. If you try to join a few corks using some powerful but non-corrosive adhesive, we can easily create a great and original mat for our shower.

Decorate the pot of your plants: A simple and beautiful way to give a color tone to our home. Get some paint and decorate your pots with the colors you like the most, you can follow a pattern or simply opt for a monochrome design.

Take advantage of each corner of the wall to add shelves: Those little corners, those corners in which no furniture fits, do not necessarily have to be wasted points. Take advantage of these spaces to place a small shelf with a book or a storage solution.

Paint your doors in colors: This is an ideal idea if you want to give a refreshing touch to your dining room or your room, but you don't have the possibility of making a drastic change that also costs a lot of money. If you opt for an intense and cheerful tone, you will add a very bright hue to your decoration.

Decorate your kitchen wall: Have you ever thought of using chalkboard paint? It is an ideal option to write everything you want, when you want and how you want. A decorative option that is impossible to get bored with! Also, perfect for keeping your shopping list up to date, closer and more visible than ever.

These are just some of the many ideas that you can think of so that your house gradually has a fresh air, a little more of that different and fun decoration that you have been wanting so much. The moment is now!
From Remax Estrella We encourage you to dedicate that time of your life to take maximum care of your home, it is the most valuable thing we have and it is important to decorate it to our liking to always feel at home.

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