Wed 22 February 2023

Spain News | Foreign investment grows in Spain

Why Spain is the Top Destination for Real Estate Investment in 2022

The Factors Behind Spain's Real Estate Market Success

Spain has become the top European destination for real estate investment in 2022. The cost of properties in Spain is only a quarter of what they cost in other European capitals, leading to a historic record in luxury property sales. Foreign investment in Spain's real estate market is rapidly growing, and there are several factors contributing to this success.

Foreign Investors Flocking to Spain for Real Estate Investment

One of the major reasons for investing in Spain's real estate market is the country's appealing environment, particularly the climate. Spain's Mediterranean coast offers pleasant temperatures for most of the year, making it an attractive location for property investment.

Additionally, compared to other European cities, the price of properties in Spain is much lower. Major cities such as Barcelona and Madrid can cost four times less than other neighboring cities in other European countries. This price difference is reflected in the significant increase in foreign investment in Spain's real estate market compared to national investment. Foreign investors often spend less than 20% of their monthly income on mortgage payments, while Spanish nationals typically spend 35%.

The Attraction of Spain's Luxury Real Estate Market

Luxury properties in exclusive locations in Spain are also a significant draw for foreign investors. These properties often come with high prices, with the average cost per square meter now exceeding €2,000 - an increase of more than 10% compared to 2021.

Foreign investors tend to seek out large properties with terraces, swimming pools, and proximity to necessary services, particularly in coastal regions. The Region of Murcia is currently experiencing a 23% foreign investment rate in real estate operations.

Real Estate Experts in the Region of Murcia

At Remax Estrella, we are experts in the real estate market of the Region of Murcia, with an extensive portfolio of properties available to suit your tastes and needs. Contact us to find your dream property.


Spain's real estate market has emerged as a top destination for foreign investors in 2022. The country's appealing climate, low property prices, and luxury real estate market have all contributed to its success. With a 15% increase in real estate transactions in 2021 and the Region of Murcia experiencing a significant foreign investment rate, Spain is an excellent location for real estate investment. At Remax Estrella, we can help you find the perfect property to meet your investment goals.

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